【 ドロン/ doron 】Let’s learn Japanese slang!

ドロン/ doron

【 ドロン/ doron 】Let’s learn Japanese slang!

There are many slang terms in Japanese! It will help you to understand Japanese subculture. Let’s check out the meaning of ドロン!

1. 【 ドロン/ doron 】

It means “escape”, “leave”, “head off”, or “go home”. Have you seen when ninja suddenly disappear with a smoke ball? He throws it to the ground and the ball emits smoke. Ninja can escape or leave from the site while the enemy loses sight of him because of the smoke. The onomatopoeia is ドロン. We use this term when you want to leave from a particular situation which is little bit difficult to escape or leave.

2.Example sentences

Here are the example sentences from xxx conversation

  • A: (飲み会始まって3時間たったな。そろそろドロンしたいな) (This drinking party has lasted for 3 hours. It’s about time to do doron. )
  • B: おい、2次会行こうよ! (Let’s go grab a beer at the other place!)
  • A: すみません!ドロンします!(Sorry, but I will do doron!)

3.Now you understand ドロン/ doron!

I hope you can now understand the meaning of “ドロン”. I am a light weight so I am not good to have at a drinking party. So I often do doron. Like ninja, you can escape from the struggle situation saying doron! Try to use this ninja phrase!

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