【 パない/ Pa-Nai 】Let’s learn Japanese slang!

パない/ Pa-Nai

【 パない/ Pa-Nai 】Let’s learn Japanese slang!

There are many slang terms in Japanese! It will help you to understand Japanese subculture. Let’s check out the meaning of パない!

パない/ Pa-Nai

It means “Extreme”, “Incredible”  or, “Amazing”. This slang is the shorter way of saying    “ハンパない/ハンパじゃない”.”ハンパない/ハンパじゃない” it is casual by itself but パない is the more casual version of them. So, this slang is very casual. We also say “パねー”, and it changes to “パないっす” or “パねーっす” when you talk with older person, because they are more polite.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences from tuna conversation

  • おい!聞いてくれ!(Hey guess what! )
  • 何すか?(What? )
  • 日本に行ったんだよ。日本のトイレはパない。音楽がかかるから周りにうんちの音が聞こえないし、ウォシュレットってやつでけつの穴を直接洗ってくれるんだ。(I went to Japan, the toilet was pane-, it has music, so nobody could hear your poop, and you can wash your asshole with water directly, which is called washlet. )
  • パないっすねー。(That’s totally panaissune-)

Wrap up

I hope understand the meaning of “パない”. When you hear it means “Extreme”,”Incredible” or, “Amazing”, you might remember ヤバイ which I already shared in a different video, but compared to ヤバイ,  パない’s core image is just “Extreme”, so it doesn’t include negative meaning.

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