About Me


Hi Everyone!

Thank you for visiting this website. I am Taka, the owner of this website, and the aquarium director for here. Usually I work as a graphic designer/ communicator of a global company. Through my experience in Canada, more specifically, the language exchange, I found there were many Japanese learners and people who are interested in Japanese language. Plus I found myself interesting to teach them Japanese in English. Sometimes they said nobody has taught like you and they appreciated me. I didn’t stop my teaching passion after coming back to Japan.

You can learn Japanese through “Aquarium Comic Strips” and “Japanese lesson”. I hope these contents motivates you to study Japanese. DÔZO-YOROSHIKU-ONEGAI-SHIMASU.


  • Favorite Manga: Monster, written by Naoki Urasawa
  • Favorite Japanese Song: Blue Harts, One OK Rock
  • Home town: Fukuoka
  • Hobby: Hot spring

Take care,

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