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Fukuoka Half day Sightseeing

Fukuoka city view

Fukuoka Half day Sightseeing

My German friends came to Fukuoka, so I showed around my hometown. They are Kevin and Annie. It was a first time for them to visit Fukuoka, and we spend time half day. Their requests were try Japanese sake, and go to shrine and some recommendation.

Okay, Here is the itinerary which we actually did

  • 13:00 Meet up in Hakata station
  • 13:30 Eat at Vegetable Curry at Hakata area
  • 14:30 Fukuoka Castle Ruin
  • 15:30 Kushida shrine and the area
  • 17:00 Fukuoka Tower
  • 19:00 Nihonshu(Japanese sake) bar Kumorebi
  • 21:00 Goodbye at Hakata station

Fukuoka Map

Wait! First of all, where is Fukuoka? I know your question. So I prepared the map to show you!

Japan map

Yes, as you can see, Fukuoka is located in the south of Japan!

13:00 Meet up in Hakata station

Hakata station is a good meeting point, but usually it is very busy so if you meet up with someone, I recommend you to decide the specific location of Hakata station. I often choose the place in front of central gate(chu-ou-kaisatsu). But to be honest, we had some difficulty when we saw lol. But we can use free wifi there, so if you got lost, no problem!

13:30 Eat at Vegetable Curry at Hakata area

One of them is a vegetarian so we decided to go to vegetarian place. Make sure that there is a few such place in Japan, the culture is not so common here compared to western counties. I love curry and one of my favorite curry restaurant is Yasai wo taberu kare-, meaning vegetable curry restaurant. The restaurant is in the building beside Hakata station; OIOI, called Marui. The restaurant concept is camp and outdoor, so you can enjoy the atmosphere while you are eating in the restaurant. The curry of picture has meat but you can order vegetable one of course!



14:30 Fukuoka Castle Ruin

After eating the curry, we went to Fukuoka Castle Ruin. It is said that there used to be Fukuoka castle, but there is no documented proof and there is no obvious evidence. No body knows the truth but we have the site of the castle in the Fukuoka city. The view from the top of the hill is so beautiful and you can see Fukuoka city’s view. The access from Hakata station is very easy.

Fukuoka city view


15:30 Kushida shrine and the area

One of their request was to go to shrine or temple in Fukuoka. To be honest, if you want to visit huge and famous ones, Here in Fukuoka city is not the best place, but there are some places. I decided to Kushida shrine because … if you are from Fukuoka, you know the reason. Yes the shrine is famous for Hakata Torimon. Hakata Torimon is very popular local sweet in Fukuoka. The best choice for souvenir from Fukuoka. And TV commercial was shot in the shrine. When we arrived there I showed the TV commercial on YouTube and opened my back pack, gave them the sweet lol! Also we saw the huge mikoshi. It is for a local festival. It was a good place to visit.

kushida shrine

I love hataka torimon lol

17:00 Fukuoka Tower

I do not make plan, I am not the type of the person. I like doing and deciding spontaneously at that time. I asked them what they want and one said, Fukuoka Tower. Because he got interesting when he saw the tower at the top of the hill in Fukuoka castle Ruin. I love the tower so we went there after the shrine. The tower is 234 meters the highest seaside tower in Japan! When I got there it was raining but right after, it was clear up and we could see the beautiful view. While I was seeing the view I realized Annie was holding the pillar…he was acrophobia. SORRY!!!!!!!

Go to Fukuoka Tower Website

Nihonshu(Japanese sake) bar Kumorebi

I am a light weight so I do not drink alcohol usually, so I asked my friend a good place to drink Japanese sake. Kumorebi is the place where we went. You can enjoy the local japanese sake. The restaurant is very small. Maybe only less than 20 people capacity. Due to the limited space, the atmosphere is very rich and I felt the quality. Unfortunately there is no English menu. The place is genuine Japanese sake bar. I ordered just one sake and eat a lot of food but they tried several different sake. Of course the main menu of the bar is sake itself, so you cannot expect the portion of food menu. If you are hungry, it is good to eat a lot in advance in somewhere else. The food menu there is also Japanese cuisine, it was good although it was a small portion 🙂

Japanese sake

Sipping sake!

21:00 Goodbye at Hakata station

We enjoyed a lot within just a half day! I was grateful to hear that they really enjoyed Fukuoka. It was 15-20 min. It was not so bad.We went back to Hakata station from the sake place on foot. Actually it was the first time to see them although we have been talking through skype sometimes for 4 years. I love showing around my city and hang out friends overseas. Love cultural differences!

hakata stn

Es geht!

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