Japanese Slang おはこんばんちは ohakonbanchiwa


Japanese Slang おはこんばんちは ohakonbanchiwa

There are many slang terms in Japanese! It will help you to understand Japanese subculture. Let’s check out the meaning of ohakonbanchiwa!

おはこんばんちは oha-konban-chiwa

It means “ohayou + konbanwa + konnichiwa”. We have 3 types of greetings depending on the time of the day. I understand that the order is usually ohayou, konnichiwa, and then konbanwa, but for the purpose of this slang term the order is ohayou, konbanwa, and then konnichiwa. If you say this slang, ohakonbanchiwa, you can greet easily no matter what time it is. This slang’s origin is said it is the anime song which is Dr. slump Arare-chan. You cannot say, “What is that anime?” because the manga was written by Akira toriyama who is the same cartoonist as Dragon Ball!

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • みんなー!おはこんばんちは!(Hey guys! Ohakonbanchiwa!)

Wrap up

Now you can greet anyone regardless of the time differences! Good job! When it comes to learning Japanese you should find Japanese friends, but we have the problem of time differences. But now you don’t need to be worried about the greeting! You know the slang ohakonbanchiwa! Yay!… I hope this has increased your interest in Japanese! Good luck! Oh, and this is the most important notice… that is…
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The slang is old fashioned. It’s lame.


By using a lame term it is a good way to have many people laugh with you though.

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