Japanese Slang しょっぱい shoppai

Japanese Slang しょっぱい shoppai

There are many slangs in Japanese! If you know Japanese slang, the Japanese people will be surprised and the knowledge helps you build a good relationship! I will explain the meaning of Japanese Slang しょっぱい !


It means “boring”. I think you already knew しょっぱい as “salty”. Of course it is correct and most of the case, しょっぱい is used as salty. But If you are a fan of wrestling, they use this word as boring.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • プロレスラー: しょっぱい試合でファンのみんなに申し訳ない。A wrestler:I feel sorry for fans for the boring match.
  • ファン: 今日の試合は、しょっぱい試合で残念だ。A fan:I am disappointed with today’s boring match.

Wrap up of しょっぱい shoppai

I don’t think the expression is so common in the daily life conversation, but your friends would laugh if you use this slang after watching boring games or match. The slang may be funnier than the しょっぱい試合! I explained Japanese Slang しょっぱい shoppai, but if it’s not a slang, しょっぱい means salty. So please don’t be confused with しょっぱい and しょっぱい as a slang. I don’t know the origin of the slang but I guess if it’s too salty, of course we don’t feel comfortable. I think that’s the reason we shave the slang with the meaning. Hope this entry is not しょっぱい haha 🙂

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