Japanese Slang デブ専 debu-sen

Debusen デブ専

Japanese Slang デブ専 debu-sen

There are many slang terms in Japanese! It will help you to understand Japanese subculture. Let’s check out the meaning of Japanese Slang デブ専 debu-sen!

デブ専 debu-sen

It means “a particular person who loves obese body types”. デブ means overweight, it is an insulting expression for obese people, so please be careful when you use it by itself. Also デブ専’s 専(sen) comes from 専門(sen-mon) meaning “major”. So デブ専 is literally “Major in fat”

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • 僕はデブ専です。(I am debu-sen)
  • あなたはデブ専ですか?(Are you debu-sen?)
  • わたしは決してデブ専ではありませんが、わたしと結婚した後彼は太りました。(I am definitely not debu-sen, but he gained weight after we got married.)


Now you understand デブ専 debu-sen

Now you’ve learned new slang, debu-sen! Good job!

This expression is common but very, very casual and it is a slang expression so, don’t use this expression in your graduate thesis. Otherwise your score will lose weight.Well, I often fail to make someone laugh, maybe this time, it happened again. But I never give up trying to do that as long as you come back here! Thank you for reading this entry!

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