Japanese Slang ワンチャン


Japanese Slang ワンチャン

There are many slangs in Japanese! It helps you understand Manga or Anime etc… Have you ever heard of ワンチャン ?Let’s check out Japanese Slang ワンチャン !


It means “a slight possibility”. Actually ワンチャン stands for “One chance”. We often say ワンチャン in reference to mean “possibility”,or “hope”.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • ワンチャンある?(Is there a possibility? )
  • ワンチャンないよ。(There is no possibility. )
  • 俺30キロ痩せたらアリアナ・グランデと付き合えるかな?(Can I go out with Ariana Grande if I loose 60lbs?)
  • 100キロ痩せたらワンチャンあるよ。(yeah, if 220lbs. )

As I showed you, ワンチャンある/ワンチャンない is the common expression of this slang.

Now you understand ワンチャン

Actually, ワンちゃん means dogs, so please don’t confuse dogs with this slang! Hope you will get more interest on Japanese! Good luck! I have a question for you. It’s very important. Do you want to continue to come to this blog and to read entries? Do I have ワンチャン? What?! You said ノーチャン???? ノーチャン means there is no chance to come back here and read them.

By the way ワンチャン also means puppy. It is different intonation though. Do you know why? It is because dog barks “ワン”, which is bow wow in English. Hope this helps too 🙂

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