Japanese Slang

Japanese slang 漢 (otoko)

Japanese Slang 漢 otoko

There are many slangs in Japanese! It helps you understand Japanese subculture. Let’s check out the meaning of Japanese slang 漢 (otoko) !

漢 otoko

It means Manly man!. I think you know 男(otoko), meaning man or male. But If you write 漢 as otoko, it means a strong man.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • 漢、宮本武蔵(Musashi Miyamoto, strong man.*Musahi Miyamoto is famous samurai who wrote GO RIN NO SHO.)
  • 男の中の男、そう、漢だ!(a man out of a lot of men, yeah, it means manly man.)

This is like a slang, and please don’t use this kanji,漢 when you fill in the document even if you are a strong man. 男 is appropriate kanji for the sex.

Wrap up of 漢 (otoko)

I wanna be 漢(otoko). How about you? I spend over 10 hours in front of PC on weekends. My image of 漢 is like, he is doing Karate, likes outdoor activities and very sociable. But me? I love spending time at home. Watching Youtube videos, making blog, chatting on Skype and so on. I love indoor activities so I do not think I am 漢. Well, if you feel sympathy with me, maybe we can be friend 🙂

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