Japanese Slang 萌え豚 moe-buta

萌え豚 moe-buta

There are many slang terms in Japanese! It helps you to understand Japanese subculture. Let’s check out the meaning of moe-buta!

萌え豚 moe-buta

It means “fat anime otaku”…Obviously, it is an offensive slang term for fat jerk. 萌え(Moe) is “the adorable feeling amime otaku have towards the cute anime characters/moeblob(check out the meaning of moeblob on Urban Dictionary)” .豚(Buta) is a metaphor for fat because buta means pig. The animal is often quoted as a symbol of a fat creature because of the appearance and how they hog food.

Example sentences

Here are the example sentences

  • そのセイウチは萌え豚です。(The walrus is moe-buta.)
  • 萌え豚は好きなアニメグッツの中で生活します。(Moe-buta lives his life among his favorite anime goods.)
  • 特に萌え豚はお気に入りのキャラクターの抱き枕を抱いて寝ます。(Moe-buta fall asleep with the body pillow of his favorite character.)
  • 萌え豚は2次元に嫁がいる。(Moebutas have their wives in the 2 dimension.)This means that “Anime otaku gives up finding a girlfriend in real world;3 dimension, and seeks for his own gf from his favorite animes; 2 dimension. ”
  • 萌え豚を見るには秋葉原に行けば良いです。(You can go to Akihabara to see Moebuta.)
  • コミケには萌え豚が集まります。(Moebutas gather in Komike)*コミケ(Komike)is the abbreviation of comic market.

I wrote some examples but, I cannot come up with positive sentences with the slang because it is kind of an insulting word.

Now you understand 萌え豚 moe-buta

You can also write もえぶた、萌えぶた、萌えブタetc…I hope you will get more interested on Japanese! Good luck!

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