Japanese Slang DQN (dokyun)

DQN (dokyun)

DQN …looks like some abbreviation or some initial. But DQN is just one word.


“Dokyun” is usually used as a onomatopoeia for guns. But as a slang it means “bad boys/girls”, “delinquent”, “punks”, or “thug”. It is written as D Q N but we call it as “ドキュン(dokyun)”. The DQN origin is from some TV show, called “目撃ドキュン/Witness dokyun!”. the reporter took an interview to the general people but they often encountered DQN, rude people. That’s the origin of the word.

Such uneducated people tend to be bad(or foolish) parents,and sometimes they names their children strange names. Maybe that’s because their children are special, or maybe they want to make them stood out, but unfortunately it is in a bad way… The weird names are called “DQN ネーム”. The medias call the names キラキラ ネーム which means shiny name, but we often see DQN ネーム  on the internet.

Example sentences

Here are the example sentences from the Moray eel conversation:

  • A:あ、DQNだ。(Look, DQN is over there.)
  • B:おいおいおい、またDQNが身体障害者用の駐車場に車停めてるよ・・・。(Hey hey hey…DQN parked his car at the space for disable person again…)
  • A:落ち着いて!DQNは頭に障害があるから仕方がないよ(Calm down. It cannot be helped because DQN has a handicapped brain.)
  • other example:

  • DQNに関わらないよほうがいい。(You’d better not to get involved with DQN.)
  • Generally speaking, DQN is regarded as stupid.(一般的にDQNはバカだ。)
  • 夜のドン・キホーテにはDQNのカップルが多い。(There are many couples of DQN in Don Quijote at night.)*Don Quijote is the low price grocery store.
  • ぼくの名前はピカチュウ、DONネームだ・・・。(My name is pikachu, which is DQN name・・・。)

Now you understand DQN (dokyun)

I hope you understand the meaning of DQN. But please don’t be DQN and not be regarded as DQN. And if you find DQN on the road, don’t ask” are you DQN?”. Because it almost same as “Are you stupid?”

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