Japanese vocabulary お笑い (owarai)


Japanese vocabulary お笑い

There are many vocabulary in Japanese! It helps you understand Manga or Anime etc… Have you ever heard of お笑い ?Let’s check out Japanese vocabulary お笑い (owarai).


It means “comedy”. 笑う is laugh, 笑い is laugher, but if you add お to 笑い, it means “comedy”. Here is the common combination with お笑い. お笑い芸人(owarai-geinin)= comedian。 お笑い動画(owarai-douga)= comedy videos, お笑いライブ(owarai-raibu)=comedy live.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • お笑いが好き。(I like comedy.)
  • お笑い動画をYouTubeで観た。(I watched some comedy videos on YouTube.)
  • 昨日、お笑い芸人に会った。(I met a comedian yesterday.)
  • お笑いライブを見に、大阪に行く。(I am going to go to Osaka to see a comedy live.)
  • 近年ではお笑いのジャンルは分析し尽くされたので、新しいのを作るのは無理だ。(Nowadays, the genre of comedy was analyzed too much to create new one.)

お笑い often has other nouns and becomes the combination like “お笑い芸人”, “お笑い動画”, and “お笑いライブ”! They are very common expressions so please keep them in mind!

Wrap up of owarai

Watching お笑い動画 helps you a lot about improving Japanese skills! I know how difficult understanding the comedy in different language is. I have the same experience in English. But it is worth trying it! My favorite お笑い芸人? Well…I like ダウンタウン and オードリー! Check them out and see if you can understand them! Good Luck!

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