Japanese vocabulary たたく (tataku)

たたく tataku

Japanese vocabulary たたく (tataku)

たたく…Is it little bit difficult to pronounce, eh? Well, but it is worth knowing the meaning of Japanese vocabulary たたく (tataku) !

たたく (tataku)

The most common meaning is “hit”or “slap”, but it means “criticize” too. In short, たたく means attack someone physically and mentally. The word たたく more focuses on the aggressive activity than the content of the mention. It doesn’t matter if the criticism makes sense or not.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • 痛い!たたくな!(Hurt! Don’t hit me!)
  • ドアをたたく(I knock on the door.)
  • 兄にたたかれた。(I was hit by my brother.)
  • 彼はよくツイッターで有名人をたたく。(He often criticize celebrities on Twitter. )
  • たたかれたらへこむなぁ。(I’m down if someone criticize me.)
  • たたかれても前に進め!(Move ahead even if someone criticize you.)

The first 3 examples are physical たたく。 And the last 3 are mental.

Wrap up of たたく (tataku)

Usually general people are not criticized, and I often see celebrities are criticized by media or through SNS, like twitter. This word helps you understand gossip news in Japan! Hope you are doing well! Good luck for your study!

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