Japanese vocabulary なんでやねん (nan-deyanen)

Japanese vocabulary なんでやねん (nan-deyanen)

Have you ever heard “なんでやねん”? No? Are you sure? なんでやねん!?


It means “Why?” in Kansai dialect. But it is often used in the comedy scene. Stand up comedy, single comedian elicits laughter from their audiences, is common in the U.S. On the other hand, in Japan,two comedians make a couple. The partners each take on a role for manzai. One handles the tsukkomi or wit role, and the other handles the boke or fool role. The comedy duo use this type of humor to create strange or incongruous situations in order to elicit laughter from their audiences.

Tsukkomi often says “なんでやねん”, meaning “Why” to point out his partner’s joke. Generally speaking the comedy culture is the most powerful in Osaka, so なんでやねん  is Kansai dialect.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • Boke:(なにかバカのことを言う/say something funny)
  • Tukkomi:は?(What?)
  • Boke:(なにかもっとバカのことを言う/say something funnier)
  • Tukkomi:なんでやねん!(why!)

Wrap up of なんでやねん

If you have friends from Kansai area, they often use なんでやん no matter what the situation is. It is common kansai dialect for them. So knowing the meaning of なんでやん is good knowledge for people who have friends there or going to Osaka or Kansai area! Good Luck for your Japanese learning! Enjoy Japanese!

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