Japanese vocabulary ベタ beta


Japanese vocabulary ベタ beta

Today’s Japanese vocabulary is ベタ beta. Do you know that meaning? Let’s get started to learn it!

ベタ beta

It means Common, or ordinary. When you watch comedy show, sometimes you hear ベタ towards the common joke.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • ベタなジョークは面白くない(a common joke is boring)
  • ベタな返し (a mundane response)
  • ベタやな〜 (Oh gee, that’s so ordinary…)

Wrap up of ベタ beta

The meaning of beta is as I explained. Did you get it? I hope you understand it well. The meaning of beta is common, or ordinary. But if you use it twice, like ベタベタ, it means “Sticky”. Also ベトベト means “Sticky”too. This is Japanese. It’s so funny isn’t it? I will show you another example of ベタベタ. Do you play pokemon? I hope so. The Japanese name of Grimmer is ベトベター, and Muk is ベトベトン, because they look sticky haha. But this is not the topic for today so I do not go into deeper. Anyways I hope you learned ベタ.



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