Japanese vocabulary 食べた食べた (tabeta-tabeta)


Japanese vocabulary 食べた食べた (tabeta-tabeta)

食べた食べた, is common Japanese casual expression. Let’t check it out the meaning Japanese vocabulary 食べた食べた (tabeta-tabeta) !


It just a repetitive expression of 食べた, “ate”. So it is literally “I ate, I ate” if we translate it directly, it would be”I ate, I ate”, it’s funny, eh? Also, you can say “食った、食った(kutta-kutta)”. It is more casual than 食べた食べた. But it sounds like corny or late. Goku from the character of Dragon ball often says 食った食った~ I think! We often say it as “I’m full, I ate a lot and I’m satisfied with it”.

Example sentences

Here is the example sentences

  • A:After finishing supper, “あ〜食べた食べた!
  • B:おいしかった?(Did you like it?)
  • A:うん、満腹!(Yeah! I’m full!)
  • B:よかった(Good)

Wrap up of 食べた食べた

Why don’t you say 食べた食べた after finishing your meal! It’s simple but so funny,eh? Hope you got a motivation to study Japanese more!And Don’t forget “ごちそうさま”at the end! I decided to write this entry because when I taught this expression to my Canadian friend Mat, he really likes it and used a lot. There is no special meaning to say it twice. I guess it is because if we say it twice we can express I am sooo full and I cannot eat anymore 🙂 Hope this helps you anyways

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