No.1 たこ焼き(takoyaki)-Octopus


No. 1 たこ焼き(takoyaki)

Hi Thank you for coming to this page! This is the aquarium to study Japanese! This comic is written in Japanese, so please read it form right to left. This is the traditional and Japanese comic style. Of course I explain the Japanese expression below! I am sure that this comic will help you study Japanese more and helpful for learning Japanese conversation.
If you want to get only takoyaki,octopus balls, information, go to this page/Osaka Takoyaki -Discover Japan!



1.English Translation

タコ: たこ焼きってさ、たこが入ってなかったら「焼き」っていうのかな?
(Octopus: About Tako-yaki, would it be called just “yaki”, if it doesn’t have me in it?)

あみちゃん: 「はずれ」って言うんじゃない?
(Ami-chan: We call it “miss”, don’t we?)


Then, let’s check out the Japanese in the comic to understand it more! I would like to explain Japanese slang, conversation expressions so this will cover wide range of Japanese level, from beginners to advanced.

タコ: たこ焼きってさ、おれが入ってなかったら「焼き」って言うのかな?/
tako: takoyaki ttesa, ore ga haitte nakattara, “yaki”tte iuno kana?

  • “タコ/たこ(Tako)” is octopus. “焼き(yaki)” means “baked…”or “something burned”. Each word has own meaning. But if they put together it becomes a particular meal name; takoyaki which is well known in Osaka.
  • “〇〇ってさ(…ttesa)”is a casual way to say, “About …,”. You can say the expression,
    when you wanna make the topic clear, and decide the subject.
  • “ore” is I
  • “入ってなかったら(haitte nakatta ra)” 入ってない(haitte-nai) is “do not enter”, “do not put in”, “do not have”.”たら” is “if”
  • 「~と言う(~to iu)」 is “they say…/ it is called…”

So, the translation is”About Tako-yaki, would it be called just “yaki”, if it doesn’t have me in it?”

あみちゃん: 「はずれ」って言うんじゃない?/
Ami-chan: “hazure”tte iun janai?

  • When you were younger, did you have something like, if you pick luck candy out of many candies, you can get one more candy. The lucky one is called “あたり(atari)”, and another one is called “はずれ(hazure)”. When we eat takoyaki balls you pick them one by one. It is like a lottery tickets, and if the ball you got doesn’t have tako, it seems you lost!
  • 言う(iu) is “say”or “call A B”. I just wrote”「はずれ」って言うんじゃない?”, but if I write is as a complete sentence, it would be like”わたしたちはそれを「はずれ」と言うんじゃない?”, meaning “We call it “hazure”, don’t we?” In Japanese, we often omit the words which we don’t need to say because we can guess them from the context. Maybe sometimes this makes you more difficult to get the meaning.
  • “-njanai?” is “I guess …”. “Janai” means “to deny” but if you add”?”, it turns to be “I guess…”.

So, the translation is “They call it “miss”, don’t they?”

3.Taka’s Column

Have you ever eaten Takoyaki? Takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack which is made of a wheat flour-based batter(More info: check Takoyaki on Wikipedia). If not, try it. If possible, osaka is the best place to eat it. To be honest there are some famous and popular franchise takoyaki restaurant all over Japan. For example, 銀だこ(gindako) which is super delicious takoyaki restaurant. But such big franchise one is little bit expensive, so if you wanna try it with lower price, the local one is better. I tried it in Shinsekai, Osaka. The place is famous takoyaki place at least for tourists. I just paid 250 yen to 300 yen for about 8 balls. I went there with my friend and we tried a couple takoyaki restaurants and we shared it. It was a good experience to be able to compare the different stores and I could enjoy it. HOwever, please be careful! Flesh Takoyaki is super amazingly f***ing hot! Some of takoyaki is my favor and some of not. I want to share my experience of eating Takoyaki in Shinsekai area. Please check the following link/!Osaka Takoyaki -Discover Japan!


As I explained, takoyaki is a particular dishes name though it means literally “burned octopus”. But there are also ikayaki, which is grilled squid Skewers. It is literally burned squid. They are different but equally tasty. You can find them at the local summer festival, they are common food there.

I am foodie so I have talked about food so far on this time, but it was fun,right? I want to keep talking about food on my blog! Thank you for reading my column.

4.Wrap up

Thanks for visiting here and taking your time! Hope you enjoyed it. What kind of fish do you like? Let me know and give me the inspiration for the next comic! Have a great weekend!

Take care,



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