No.2 ビジネス戦略(bijinesu senryaku)-Business Strategy

Business Strategy

No.2 ビジネス戦略(bijinesu senryaku)-Business Strategy

Hi Thank you for coming to this page! This is the aquarium to study Japanese! This comic is written in Japanese, so please read it form right to left. This is the traditional and Japanese comic style. Of course I explain the Japanese expression on this page! I am sure that this comic will help you study Japanese more and helpful for learning Japanese conversation.

Business Strategy

English Translation

サメ: おれのハンティングの仕事がうまくいかないんだよね。
(Shark: My hunting business isn’t going well…)

(Ami-chan: That’s because you are always competing in the red ocean.)


Then, let’s check out the Japanese in the comic to understand it more! I would like to explain Japanese slang, conversation expressions so this will cover wide range of Japanese level, from beginners to advanced.

サメ: おれのハンティングの仕事がうまくいかないんだよね。/
same: Ore-no hanthingu no shigoto ga umaku ikanai n dayone.

  • サメ(same): shark.
  • おれの(ore-no): My. Ore: I.
  • ハンティング(hanthingu): hunting. I think you can guess it.
  • 仕事(shigoto): work, job or business.
  • うまくいく(umaku-iku): going well. うまくいかない(umaku-ikanai): not going well.

So, the translation is”My hunting business isn’t going well…”

あみちゃん: いつもレッドオーシャンで競っているからよ。/
Ami-chan: itsumo reddo o-shan de kisotte irukara yo.

  • いつも(itsumo): always
  • レッドオーシャン(reddo o-shan): red ocean
  • 競う(kiso-u): to compete
  • 競っている(kisotteiru): be competing
  • から(kara): Because
  • ~よ(yo): This colloquial expression is seen in the women’s conversation. It is female expression.
  • In Japanese we often omit the subject when we can guess the subject from the context with each other. In this case, the subject which is omit is “You” because we can surmise who is competing in the red ocean, of course it is shark.

So, the translation is “That’s because you are always competing in the red ocean.”

Taka’s Column

Today, I would like to explain about “だよね”. I thought about だよね, and I found 3 different usage of だよね.

  • 1. だよね: talk yourself
  • 2. だよね?: confirmation
  • 3. だよね: I understand what you mean.

The first だよね as “talk yourself” is pronounced in a flat way. On this comic, the shark said “仕事がうまくいかないんだよね。” sounds like talking yourself. But they are asking for the respond from others. It is a part of a conversation.
The second だよね? as “confirmation” is same as “…,right?” in English. This is very simple.
The last one as “I understand what you mean.” is also pronounced in a flat way. It means “I understand you” and “I feel sympathy with you”.

I explained 3 usage of だよね, but they are very casual expression so please be careful when you use them.

Wrap up

Thanks for visiting here and taking your time! Hope you enjoyed it. What kind of fish do you like? Let me know and give me the inspiration for the next comic! Have a great weekend!

Take care,



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