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Osaka Takoyaki -Discover Japan!


Osaka Takoyaki -Discover Japan

On this page, Discover Japan! I would like to share Japanese views. This gonna be a good information not only enhance your Japanese learning motivation, interest on Japanese culture but also helpful knowledge for your Japanese next trip.


Info Memo
Location Shinsekai, Osaka
Famous for Takoyaki
Accessibility 13min by Subway midosuji line, get off at dobutsuen-mae stn from Umeda stn.

Discover Shinsekai and Takoyaki!

The view of Shinsekai and the picture of Takoyaki!

  • osaka_shinsekai_takoyaki

    Itadakimasu, Takoyaki!


  • osaka_shinsekai_01

    Octopus sign board

    Cool beans!

  • osaka_shinsekai_02

    Shinsekai 01

    The hart of Shinsekai

  • osaka_shinsekai_03

    Shinsekai 02

    Japanese traditional appearance

  • osaka_shinsekai_04

    Shinsekai 03

    The narrow path of the area

  • osaka_shinsekai_05

    Shinsekai 04

    The white statue is called Biliken-sama

  • osaka_shinsekai_06

    Shinsekai 05

    The view of Shinsekai

  • osaka_shinsekai_07

    Shinsekai 06

    The view of Shinsekai

  • osaka_shinsekai_08

    Shinsekai 07

    The view of Shinsekai

Apparently the area is a little bit too much local for some people, but I could eat tasty Takoyaki! And the area has a good accessibility from Downtown of Osaka, Umeda.

You should try Takoyaki!

You can enjoy the area, shinsekai. However, I recommend you to go there at the day time. If it is early morning the stores are not open so after 10 or 11 am is better. Also, the area is close to slam area, Airin district where is devastated place. I didn’t feel any dangerous at Shinsekai at the day time, but I don’t know at the night. The local people would say it is not dangerous, but tourists without guides should be care of it because the area will be busy with the drunk at the night. Hope you enjoy there if you have a chance to go there!

Taka, Aquarium manager


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